Surf Itenaries

We have got waves that you seriously cannot miss and Maldives is a Surfers Paradise. Our boats are designed in a way that they could handle those amazing waves and are truly seaworthy. We could take you from Male’ Atolls, Central Atolls, Southern Atolls till the very Deep South. If required, we also have well experienced and well versed Surf Guides.

Day 1

Maldives Holiday Collections Airport staff will receive and welcome you at Velanaa International Airport.  They will guide you to the boat for boarding where you will be welcomed with refreshments. Boat will set sail to one of the most popular point, Sultans, Honkies and Jails. Delicious and freshly prepared Lunch will be served at 1pm to all the guests along with safety precautions will be thoroughly explained. Surf all day until 6pm, get back on board for a hot shower and prepare for the first night festival at 7.30pm.

Day 2

Look for the day’s best waves, starting with Cokes and Chickens. Enjoy the full day doing everything you like- surfing, snorkeling or just chilling in the sun.

Day 3

Cruise to Lucky Joes and Rip Tide and along the way catch some fish. We provide our guests fishing equipment. Make sure to request beforehand. Visit a local island and experience heartwarming hospitality, culture and local cuisine. As well as learn how to dive from PADI certified dive guides.

Day 4

Explore uncrowded surf areas and take full advantage by surfing to your hearts extend. Along with the surfers, Non-surfer guests will enjoy a full day excursion or BBQ at a desert island. Dinner will be prepared on the island by or staff while you relax on the white sandy beach. By 7:30 pm, guests are to return to boat and settle in for the night.

Day 5

The boat will seat early departure to Cokes and Chicken for a full day surf and dive with Manta Rays. Get a step ahead on you PADI certification where our PADI certified dive guide will help you learn how to hold your breath underwater.

Day 6

Based on the surf report, we will set course to take full advantage of one of the best surfing point: Sultans and Jails for an entire day. After enjoying waves, guests are to return to the boar and enjoy freshly cooked dinner served by our staff

Day 7

As this is the departing day, guests are only allowed to surf until mid-day. By noon, our staff will prepare the last fresh lunch as a departing gift to all the guests. After the lunch, out staff will drop the guests and assist the guests to check in to their international flight.

Our Team is guaranteed to provide assistance throughout your trip until the very last moment at the Maldives.

Have Safe Journey home

See you again.

*Itinerary may change anytime according to weather conditions, last minute request & other issues*

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